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Seven Pro's To Invest In The Iraqi Dinar Empty Seven Pro's To Invest In The Iraqi Dinar

Tue Oct 16, 2018 1:47 pm
Iraq's massive oil and gas reserves:

Iraq has the largest gas and the second largest oil reserve in the world! That's like having pure gold in your soil. The oil alone is good for $10 trillion. Do you think it will do the Iraqi dinar any good?

$70 billion economy potential:

With their oil and gas reserves, foreign investors, aid, highly educated population, regional agreements and Iraq's great access to fresh water for agriculture it has the potential to become one of the richest countries in the world.

Independent Central Bank of Iraq:

The Central Bank of Iraq isn't affected by any political party in any way because it is an independent agency. They also offered their first treasury bonds and most of the private commercial banks in Iraq participated.

Booming real estate market:

Because money starts to flow and everybody in Iraq is now entitled to buy (instead of only Saddam's inner circle) houses wherever they want this market will be enormous in the coming years.

Great security features of the new Iraqi Dinar:

When there is confidence in this currency, stability and growth will follow. The security measures of the Iraqi dinar are very good. Writing that is only visible in ultra violet, color changing symbol, metallic ink, watermarks and more!

New stock market of Iraq:

Opened recently and of course very important for developing a country. More foreign investors will be attracted to Iraq this way.

Since introduction up by 25%:

The new Iraqi dinar has risen from 3500-4000 to 5000-5500 for a dollar from 2003 till now. A successfull Iraq will bring it up more and also to an international recognized currency

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