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Online Trading Puts You Ahead Of Conventional Investors Empty Online Trading Puts You Ahead Of Conventional Investors

Wed Oct 17, 2018 9:54 am
Back in the old days, trading was handled by brokers who worked with their clients on ways to best improve their portfolios.

But since the advent of the Internet, and more specifically online trading, the days of needing someone else to make your investments are quickly receding into the past.

Online trading gives investors direct access to the market without having to rely on an intermediary to buy and sell stocks. By doing it yourself, not only are you forgoing a hefty brokerage fee, you're saving something just as valuable when it comes to playing the market: time.

Sometimes, the window of investment opportunity is only open for a few moments. By trading online, you can capitalize on breaking news regarding a hot stock hours before traditional investors dial up a broker to make the deal.

Of course, just because you own a computer with an Internet connection doesn't mean you're ready to gamble your life savings away with online investing. Too many people have already fallen prey to the allure of what they perceive to be easy money.

That's why it is important to learn the ropes before you begin investing online. At the very least, prospective do-it-yourself investors should do some research to learn as much as they can about Internet trading.

From there, they can begin exploring what kind of online trading they want to do: conventional or direct access.

Conventional trading usually requires traders to log on to a broker's Web site and place an order. The broker then reviews the order and submits it to the market. This type of trading is much faster than traditional trading, though can still take several minutes to execute.

Online traders who know the value of time prefer direct access trading, which uses specialized software to send orders to the market for real-time execution in just seconds. And those who know the importance of reliable trading software use RushTrade.

At the heart of RushTrade technology is its proprietary "Direct Access Routing Technology," otherwise known as DART.

RushTrade's DART technology automatically and continuously scans the market for the best price, then routes your order in just a fraction of a second. Quicker, more reliable market scans mean you get the best market price available.

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