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Moral Bankruptcy through Money Laundering Empty Moral Bankruptcy through Money Laundering

Fri Oct 19, 2018 4:34 pm

Today, I did a search on a internet search engine with search order "State Bank Fined for Money Laundering", and what do I find..? "Swedish bank Nordea accused of money laundering after Danske Bank scandal" I acknowledge that Nordea is a state-owned bank in Sweden, newely moved with headquarter to Finland? I'm not surprised at the same time when I hear people who are badly treated by banks every day, primarily people feel that they are being sentenced in relevant dialogues through the banks' definitions and concepts so that they can, in truth!! "down the people".

There are perspectives, definitions, and concepts that deal with the highest commercial banking world where we soon lack what is named morality. I read on high officials who in the media ask "What's the Next Big Money Laundering Threat?" The big problem here is not the money laundering in itself, "but the morality with the money", is under every circumstances under all critic! I wonder where Bill Bowden defines the law of money laundering vs the morality of it, So to say, "In the real event"? Practically, politics today is what politicians dare to represent in relation to society's hierarchies and establishment. Democracy, diplomacy, and morality based on it is something else. Unfortunately, the western world is getting worse in this area, because of greed, power and money. Next time when I encounter some slightest suspicion of irregularities, I will have to identify what is "morality in the matter". And is it so great, then I will consult you Bill Bowden because every time when I ask myself if "money laundering is an ethical issue?, I do fall away from the question about the morality leading our bank and financial sector today!

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