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Arctic Charter Icefishing Tours and Excursions Empty Arctic Charter Icefishing Tours and Excursions

Fri Jan 11, 2019 5:01 pm
Arctic Icefishing

Arctic Charter is a project started in Kiruna to offer complete solutions on package tours such as ice fishing for wilderness tourists visiting Kiruna. The most optimal wild-land tour that you can experience up here in Kiruna during late winter and spring is the number of ice fishing trips that are arranged here. We also have scheduled weekends when we offer bus trips to ice fishing competitions arranged around the county. Ice fishing such as hobbies and sports has become increasingly popular with visitors and for the locals. This leisure activity is a must preferably every weekend. It is a fantastic way to get out into the wild from the hectic city life, and it is not least an activity in the region that fulfills a great function in the social context between visitors, local families and acquaintances. These ice fishing competitions have been arranged for many years already, year after year. What we do is that we record bookings for joint transfer solutions to these events and we naturally have ice fishing experts as guides for those who for the first time visit an ice fishing competition in Kiruna county.

What is so enticing with ice fishing?

Imagine a warm sunny spring day when there are still stong ice on the lakes and rivers, people gather at the event in thousands, the snow reflects the heat of the sunshine, and a convivial community is created around fishing stories from familiar and prominent places. After a series of stories about unusual catches and big fishes, ice fishing starts with hopes of some big catch, or to hit right in a big shoal of fish under the ice. Even the unpredictable in which fish species get stuck on the hook contributes to an extra exciting existence. You can sit for hours and even whole days on the ice and fish and enjoy this common activity on a beautiful sunny day. Many visitors often think so good about this activity for the immediate contact that one gets with happy local people. We do have a large number of fish species that live in most lakes and watercourses here at the foot of the mountain also far up the mountain. We also have a number of undeveloped rivers that offer excellent fishing opportunities in all seasons. Some fish species that may be notable in the waters surround to Kiruna are arctic char, salmon, river trout, brown trout, rainbow trout, grayling, whitefish, pike, perch, burbot, roach, nine-spined sticklebac, and ide.
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Roger K. Olsson
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